PhotoPlus 2011 - Art Streiber

Editorial photographer Art Streiber discusses his work and process at PhotoPlus Expo 2011.
Photography by Mark Lyndersay.

Notes from a seminar session at PhotoPlus Expo 2011.

The Big Picture: Editorial photography behind the scenes - Art Streiber
October 28

Streiber manages his studio information in a customized and quite sophisticated database that automates his production process and data.
“We are professionals, we take this seriously. Everybody’s got a camera and you have to separate yourself as a professional.”

Streiber wrestles with the professional finishing processes that have come to be collectively known as post production. In Streiber’s workflow it’s described as custom printing. Should it be custom preparation of files?

Digital files look like chromes, but they need to be treated like negatives.
His retouching is done so that the image doesn’t look retouched and he shoots complex composites with the retoucher’s needs in mind.

“The web is king, but Just because you can doesn’t mean that you should. This is a showcase, not a journal.”
Art Strieber's current work.

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