PhotoPlus 2011 - Jack Hollingsworth

Jack Hollingsworth discusses new media techniques at PhotoPlus Expo 2011.
Photography by Mark Lyndersay.

Notes from a seminar session at PhotoPlus Expo 2011.

New media marketing for next generation photographers - Jack Hollingsworth
October 29

After 30 years in the business Jack Hollingsworth now sees the future of his marketing efforts as divided between local, social and mobile.
“Personality and process are as important as product and portfolio.”

Content trumps craft. Study the true masters, Irving Penn, Richard Avedon, Ansel Adams
Photographers with average technical skills but high social skills will do better than those with great skills and low social media aptitude.

“There’s e-commerce and me-commerce.” Keep the pitch focused on the customer’s experience. Talk to customers, not photographers.
Evolve suspects into prospects into customers into clients into advocates.

Develop your USP. If you have radically different voices, consider different websites, which will in turn affect the kind of conversations you will want to have with customers; commercial images, iPhone photos, portraiture.

New media marketing is not selling your work, it’s celebrating it.
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