PhotoPlus 2011 - Creative longevity

From left: Douglas Kirkland, Jay Maisel, Mary Ellen Mark and Duane Michals discuss their careers at PhotoPlus Expo 2011. Photography by Mark Lyndersay.

Notes from a seminar session at PhotoPlus Expo 2011.

Creative longevity - Douglas Kirkland, Jay Maisel, Mary Ellen Mark, Duane Michals, hosted by Doug Menuez
October 27

Duane Michals: Well known for his fine-art black and white sequences and annotated narratives, Michals broke the flow of fine art presentations with a collection of his commercial work.
“Everybody wants to be an artist,” Michals said. “How can you do your [personal] work and do your jobs? They come from the same place?”
“I don’t know anything, always be a beginner.”

Mary Ellen Mark: “I’m always challenged to be challenged. That said, I’m getting more work that are the kind of work that I do.”

Doug Kirkland: “We can’t give our rights away, that’s our future!”
“The first thing I want out of an assignment is a good image. Don’t get screwed on the negotiations, but do good work first.”
“If you’re a pro, you can’t say you get it half the time, you have to get it all the time, you have a responsibility.”

Douglas Menuez: (responding to a compliment on his work from Kirkland) “I feel like I’ve made every mistake possible and I was hoping that you guys would help me!”
“I thrive on now knowing what I’m doing, I go with my intuition, when I don’t, I screw up.”

Jay Maisel: “All assignments aren’t great, because I found myself photographing someone else’s motivation.”
“There’s a difference between not knowing what you’re doing and not knowing what you’re going to do.”

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