Remy on Five

An e-mail interview with video artist and musician Remy Yearwood about his new song and video release, Five.
The story is

Q: You were an artist and then you were an animator and then you were a singer. Explain the migration from one to the other for me.

R: I am a multimedia artist, so it's all connected, but the chronology is actually artist and singer then videographer and animator.
I have been involved in art and music from a young age, writing and acting in school plays and musicals, choir, calypso/extempo competitions and the Kisskidee Karavan.
I started doing cartoons for newspapers in my teens (that sparked my interest in animation, I always wanted to bring my cartoons to life), then graphic design with ad agencies.
I went off to college got my degree got into video and audio production and eventually animation.

Q: Your music and your videos have always been quirky and speak to the little nuances of T&T. What inspires you to create your songs and the attendant videos?

R: The inspiration for my songs and videos come from life, my surroundings, the people and places I've seen and been and  random ideas and musings that pop into my head. 
The melodies, lyrics and visuals hang out together, so whichever one arrives first, the others are never far behind.

Q: How would you rate your success online versus your success in the world of performers and recordings? It seems like your work was designed to thrive on YouTube.

R: My work thrives on the internet  and that's the biggest platform so I'm cool with that. As far as live performances go...slowly but surely i'm getting back into the swing of that side of things.

Q: What was the inspiration for Five?

R: I was "awake in a dream scene" when I wrote Five - the idea came, I saw the story, got the chorus, then the lyrics and I transported it into this dimension.

Q: What's next? Six? Ten? Fifty? Let us know what you're thinking.

R: Ha! Riiiight Mark. Well  let's see, in We Are, I'm talking about Trinidad and Tobago's 50th anniversary. I have a song called Ten Million Woman, and then there's Five, so  inadvertently I have a few songs with numbers in them. No song about SIX, a few about SEX but none about SIX. Blesssssss.
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