On the count of five

Five by Rembunction
Originally published in the Sunday Arts Magazine of the Sunday Guardian for May 19, 2013
For as long as he’s been creating, Remy Yearwood has been flying undeservedly below the radar. His work is engaging, creative and inventive and more than anything else, funny.

Anyone who followed his weekly strip, Reminabox could see the germination of a clever witty mind and it shouldn’t be surprising that one of his most best-known works is the seasonal bit of hilarity, Socks and Drawers, his take on the Christmas nightmare waiting under the tree for every Trini man too old for toys.

I can’t stop humming the chorus of his latest number, Five, which pulls together his animation, composing and compositing skills and wraps them around a warm funnybone.
“The inspiration for my songs and videos come from life, my surroundings, the people and places I've seen and been and random ideas and musings that pop into my head,” the artist now known as Rembunction said.

Yearwood posted
Five to YouTube on May 05 and since then the five-minute song has begun to attract buzz and no shortage of chuckles. It’s a little bit rapso, a little bit kaiso, a little bit cartoon and truly cool fun.

He’s collaborated with Santa’s Daughter, Sparrow and Isaac Blackman but Remy Yearwood is really at his best when he looks at the craziness around him, puts two and two and one together and distills it into something that provokes a knowing smile.
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