Womanwise 07

This was the shoot in which everything pretty much went wrong. I arranged to meet Professor Patricia Mohammed at her home in Maracas Valley in the evening. My plan was to work with the golden light of evening, capturing the filmmaker and gender affairs intellectual in the warmth of her home.

I didn’t think I was underestimating the traffic leaving home at four in the afternoon, two hours and fifteen minutes later I was shrugging off regret and trying to find the opportunity in a bad situation.

The light wasn’t just poor it was on the verge of nonexistent. When I set the shot on the porch, we turned on the screen of the laptop and immediately had to turn it off. That normally invisible glow was blasting her face into total overexposure.

I just managed to get some of the afterglow of in the sky before wrapping that setup. From there, it was a matter of completely reversing everything I hoped to get originally and reworking my mindset around what was actually available. The next two setups took advantage of some obvious reading nooks on Pat’s porch and in her living room before I closed up shop on this one.

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