Womanwise 04

Patricia Dardaine-Ragguet runs a school for children that emphasises music as a critical part of the curriculum.
She's very loyal to and supportive of her staff so a photo incorporating them was going to be part of the shotlist. Implicit in these kinds of requests is a trading of trust and understanding. I like to service these unforeseen requests early in the session, because the put something in the relationship bank that I can draw on as the shoot progresses.

I would cash this in on the very next setup, a magic opportunity to immerse the subject in her story and in her space.
The room is a simple classroom, but I'm drawn to the big number and letter tiles in a nearby play box. Seeing my interest, one of the teachers offers to lay them out on the floor as I arrange my strobe kit to take advantage of the light streaming through a panel window.

Patricia gets the feel of the pose I'm after, the children drift in and out of the shot, dividing their curiosity between the large man looming over them, the flashing lights and Patricia's beaming smile and gentle words.

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