Womanwise 02

The first Womanwise location session ended up looking like one of those airy, super stylish studio shots that get done in posh loft spaces with big windows in metropolitan countries.
That's probably because the lobby of the Carlton-Savannah hotel in Cascade is, in terms of the light that streams through its large windows, virtually identical to those spaces.

The big white (leather?pleather?) chair and flat gray wall behind it were a happy bonus.
We are working here because that's where the subject, film producer Sonya Wells is staying and it's the Sunday before she begins work on the project.

With no production visible, this turns out to be as good a place as any for the photos. The light was great for overall illumination, but a bit dim for freezing motion without boosting sensor sensitivity.
To boost the quite attractive light, I added a single strobe bounced off a white umbrella to add a bit of snap and crispness to the portrait.

So Guardian page designer, what's up with
using goddamned Brush Script as a font on this Sunday morning hardwuk?

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