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What follows is a transcript of a discussion on Facebook that originated with a post on January 09 and sparked some discussion about modern professional photography. It is reproduced here as a companion piece and a reference for non-Facebook users. The opinion piece on the subject can be found here

Andros 1978 Photography · 26,099 like this
Wednesday at 1:01pm ·
When I was forced to pick up the camera about 3.5 years ago (long story) not knowing anything about photography I knew just one thing....I could only get better. Today I still haven't read the manual (no time), don't know what ISO, Shutter Speed or Aperture really does (I have an idea but who cares) but yet I have 25,000+ FANTASTIC FANS on Facebook. I was soooo busy with my baby that when I crossed this epic milestone of 25,000 fans I was unable to express my gratitude. Thank you all for the comments and look forward to some great pics in 2013. (also visit my Ticket website for all your Carnival tickets and join the Fanpage

Pipe P Antigua u too nuff!
Wednesday at 1:14pm

Wesley Welch keep going forward
Wednesday at 1:25pm

Ann Marie Ramsundar-Radhay Love your pictures, keep up the good work. (Must share your story sometime, ok?)
Wednesday at 1:37pm via mobile · 1

Candace Brathwaite I love your pictures. Hope to hire you one day Keep up the good work! Most of all your pictures make me smile...
Wednesday at 2:19pm

Aisha Bedeau i agree must share your story.....u did and doing well hun
Wednesday at 2:20pm

Mario Knight Intl I love your work and what you do along the creativity. I guess not knowing about much about ISO, shutter speed and aperture doesn't mean your work can't be flawless. Maybe its about who's hands the camera is in. Quite inspiring because I thought you were doing this for well over 3.5 years. Great stuff.
Wednesday at 2:54pm · 2

Sal Alex nice beginning great stuff
Wednesday at 3:14pm

Damion Gordon Your story is similar to mine, so I share in your passion! Keep up the good work
Wednesday at 3:28pm

Kala Mc Intyre Wow....congrats. 3.5 years'd never think. Wonderful work.
Wednesday at 4:04pm

Marissa Morris Self taught is great Keep up the good work. sure to hire you one day
Wednesday at 4:10pm

Raveena Sookram keep it up Andros Belfonte
Wednesday at 4:12pm

Kason Cupid you do really good work
Wednesday at 5:24pm

Leisel Margot Thorne What you just said there is an inspiration and I hope one day I can produce just as you. Keep up the good work.
Wednesday at 6:06pm · 3

Donnie Singh Keep working bro you're doing great things...
Wednesday at 6:22pm · 1

Seven Sugars Express 20 questions overdue
Wednesday at 8:12pm via mobile · 1

Makadah De Peza so proud of u:-)
Wednesday at 8:44pm

Sunita Jahgroo- Pulchan This have given me the extra push tht I need to start photography..... Thank you.
Wednesday at 10:15pm

Latoya C When you are given a talent by Jehovah God, you don't need a manual or training of any sort, yet you become great at whatever that talent is, yours is photography and that talent came with built in training already established by the greatest photographer, Almighty God, stay blessed.
Yesterday at 2:09am · 1

Suzette Hamilton Heya Andros congrats to u and both success and 2013 bring only blessings of all your efforts!! Big hugs!!
Yesterday at 9:31am via mobile

Samantha Blackman give me
Yesterday at 9:38am

Isabell Blenman-Quash Congrats Andros all the best in 2013 and keep doing that wonderful work
Yesterday at 10:41am

Rsj Rsj You must be GOD if you shooting all this time on automatic.
Yesterday at 11:47am · 1

Sherry Ann Denny Congrats Andros 1978 Photography.
Yesterday at 6:20pm

Andros 1978 Photography Rsj Rsj I have NEVER used Manual nor Automatic in my life for more that 5 shots on any shoot. This in itself is another story...
Yesterday at 6:58pm

Sentra Garrett congrats Rakesh will said hi.
Yesterday at 7:26pm

Mark Lyndersay I'm sorry dude, but that's an appalling boast.
Yesterday at 11:05pm · 11

Ryan Royer Congratulations brother
Yesterday at 11:24pm

Denith McNicolls Congratulations on your success, but... I'm really not sure why you'd be proud that you don't exactly know what the functions on your camera are for.
18 hours ago · 4

Andros 1978 Photography Mark Lyndersay It is understood that to any PROFESSIONAL photographer like yourself it would be. I am aware of the hard work you guys went through to build a name and reputation for yourselves. I respect it but also have sympathy for those who would no...See More
14 hours ago · Edited · 3

Andros 1978 Photography Denith McNicolls I'm proud because I've proven that NATURAL TALENT and AMBITION could give so-called "professionals" a run for their money on the Facebook platform because it's about what the masses choose to like or dislike. So far my "like" ratio seems to be pretty high so I must be doing something right
14 hours ago · 5

Leslie Brewster Well said!
13 hours ago

Mark Lyndersay I think you should know, Andros, that you really have no idea what this business was like before it became lubricated by digital technologies.
I'm not sure that anyone who began photography within the last six years can.
You should also not assume that professionals are unaware of the benefits of social media and software tools.
My post was an opinion and you are free to disagree with it with appropriate enthusiasm.
11 hours ago · Edited · 8

Joy Love nice story
7 hours ago

Nigel Tyrell Ntr Reid Congrats on one hand....but on the other, why shortchange your ability? That's baffling. And if you don't shoot with automatic or manual what do you shoot with?
6 hours ago via mobile

Andros 1978 Photography Mark Lyndersay You are totally correct, I have no idea what went on 6 years ago except for the tales told to me by some of the greats I've sat with and had discussions. Ironically it has been a tale of grief whereby they talk of a time when there were only a handful of photographers and they dominated the market. The quality of their work spoke for itself and jobs came in abundance. Then came technology and all who were unable to jump on this bandwagon would soon be left behind. Photoshop and digital cameras would be their worst nightmare...(just imagine your father trying to use Photoshop). It would not end there for a darker force was upon them. This force would enable any average person to "post" their images no matter what quality on a global platform that allowed the masses to judge their work. In essence it evened the playing field because this medium was on the world wide web and it was given the name FACEBOOK. Worst yet it was FREE!!! My name is Andros and I am born of Generation X.
6 hours ago · 1

Mark Lyndersay Thank you for sharing that Andros. I decline to take any of the cheap shots you have offered me here.
Congratulations on your success.
5 hours ago

Andros 1978 Photography Mark Lyndersay Come now Mark, you are one of the Successful literally wrote the book on photography in Trinidad. I'm referring to a few "others" whom I've sat with and the taste of scorn was in their mouths. As you know I'm an engineer by profession and we have governing bodies like APETT and BOE to which we belong. These bodies protect our profession. The same goes for Doctors and Lawyers. It's a pity the older heads in photography never got together to create such a body that would require a licence to practice photography. This said, I hope you know how absurd this sounds simply because YOU CANNOT STOP ART AND NATURAL TALENT. There is absolutely no reason for me to read the camera manual once I am confident I can deliver a successful wedding to my clients which I have done over the years. However if a client asks me to do a commercial shoot I pass that job along so quickly (as I have offered you once) simply because I know it may be beyond my scope.
5 hours ago

Nigel Tyrell Ntr Reid A Licence to practice photography?? What would be the reason for that?
5 hours ago via mobile

Andros 1978 Photography Nigel Tyrell Ntr Reid I actually shoot in Programme Mode. The history of this in itself is a story. EVERY SINGLE WEDDING SHOT on my Facebook page is a by-product of this. The reason for a license would have been to protect the old-school people in the business from being overshadowed by the technology-driven "johnny come lately" guys like you and I. Of course this could never happen as change is inevitable. Recently I was told by a MUA that a popular female photographer posted up a comment to the effect that we new hot-shots were "taking their bread and butter". To this I said "I'm glad she feels that way, because shame on me if I stood by and let her make all the money".
4 hours ago

Nigel Tyrell Ntr Reid Well I have heard that as well...and the upstarts who are untrained and feel dey good...but I could care less what anyone thinks or what they do. I am concerned with me and where I go and where I reach...if everyone tried to help each other succeed we would all reach further...
4 hours ago via mobile

Nigel Tyrell Ntr Reid Too many of us in the various artforms locally are too concerned with what others are doing and not how far they can reach...
4 hours ago via mobile

Andros 1978 Photography Nigel Tyrell Ntr Reid As you know I don't mingle with any photographer nor do I attend any seminars etc. Furthermore I will continue to use the words "Professional Photographer" until such a body emerges that restricts that use. As a matter of fact how do the older photographers get the title "Professional" in the first place? I wonder if it's when they shot 10 weddings or someone tells them their work is "fantastic" or did they join some governing body that we don't know about? Ironic that most of them feel we young hot -shots don't deserve the title.
4 hours ago · 1

Louis Joseph Keep it up & over porud to be one of the 2500+
4 hours ago

Tricia Rajaram-Chatoor You hold a very creative mind and that is what makes your pics different and unique...
32 minutes ago via mobile
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